Must-Read Art Magazines

Deborah Pearson workspace. Photography by Dan Wilton. Main image: Charles Jeffrey. Image source from HungerTV,

By Lily Ratcliff, News Editor

With so much happening in the art world, it is often very difficult, and quiet time consuming, to be able to keep up to date will all that is going on. However, by posting weekly a series of links and brief descriptions, this element of HASTA is all about making sure our readers are aware of the recent changes in the art world. Ranging from art auctions, discoveries of long lost Picasso painting to upcoming exhibitions around the world, we plan to make these post informative, interesting and accessible for all, so that you can get your weekly fix and updates about art history and art culture. 

Below are my 'five links of the week', all ranging in various topics, and, hopefully, a link for all your requirements and interests! If you’re still wanting to see more, then please follow and like us on Instagram (hastamagazie) for regular updates and information, all relating to art.

  • Firstly,  Artsy is always such a quirky and informative website, covering a diverse range of topics happening in the art world. This week they released an article called, From Ai Weiwei to Marina Abramovic, 12 Artists Who Made Artworks for Us to Sleep In, which you should definitely check out, as it discusses many international artists and how they use gallery space in a away to familiarise the spectator. []
  • Hunger Magazine have always been a long standing favourite, and a go to print edition for their gorgeous editorials. So, when  browsing their site this week, this article about Somerset House Lauch[ing] experimental workspace for artists and designers , soon popped up and it is really captivating, even though it is a relatively small topic. I thought to include this as a must read article, because it is so amazing to see investment, especially from somewhere as renowned as Somerset House, into the art world and emerging artists.  []
  • Next, The Financial Times , whilst not an obvious art history source, had a very in-depth article on how New old masters reshape the contemporary art market, which is very useful for those who are interested into the world of auction houses and the art market in general. []
  • Another great article to read, is about a US couple, Marlene and Spenser Haye, who have generously donated their 600 artworks, which accumulates to the sum of €350,  to Musée d’Orsay in Paris.  []
  • i-D 's article about the new exhibition, entitled,  Icons of Modern Art, discusses the artistic and cultural exchanged between France and Russia, mainly through 19th century painting. The exhibition, at The Fondation Louis Vuitton, has over 130 works, featuring artists such as, Matisse, Cezanne and Gauguin, from the late Russian art patron Sergei Shchukin. It sounds like an incredible exhibition and one to visited if you're in Paris anytime soon! []